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  1. Which reseller are you speaking to and do you still remember who from ultimaker have you spoken with?
  2. Hey @Whitespace, can you try doing a Factory Reset instead of Cura Connect reset and see if this helps?
  3. With regards to the material with wrong settings, do you remember with which printer type you created that on? Can you select that printer and then check the settinsg again? For example: 1. I have a cluster of both S5 and UM3. 2. I sync my config withy UM3 3. I created a custom material with retraction distance of 6.66 4. I save the project file. 5. I load it again (on loading, selecting create new material of override existing doesn't matter) Cura loads a UM3 because that's what's in the project file 6. If I choose S5 on the group, the print setti
  4. wait @V3DPrinting I was able to reproduce your bug with the duplicated printers and I'm talking to @ghostkeeper now about it. 🙂
  5. You can find it in preferences menu > Profiles. This view here, below.
  6. Cura only considers the unsaved settings as 'changes'. When you save it, and then use the "copy all changed values to all extruders" options, it will not copy it because it doesn't consider it changed. I don't think the behavior you're expecting is intended to work in Cura. I can bring this up to the team for discussion, but I think it will be considered as a change request more than an issue. @maht FYI.
  7. Can you try right-clicking on a setting and use the "Copy all changed values to all extruders"? I think this answers your question.
  8. ❤️ @Vagos you saved the day. 😉 Get some brownies right now!
  9. We found the root cause of this issue, @V3DPrinting. 😞 We are looking at this issue now.
  10. Hey @V3DPrinting , I'm really sorry about this. I remember you from Github - I have a feeling this is related to this: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/6731 because you encountered this issue. Now the 4.4 may be behaving weird because of it. @nallath actually already has a fix for this, but we have to fully test it first. Is it ok if you send me the 4.3 config folder for now? Same as @nallath I also cannot reproduce the issue when I load the project file you attach. But - I want to eliminate any upgrade-related issues. Thus, I would like to get yo
  11. What printers did you have? Are you connected to a networked printer? We have observed this behavior with network connected printers - occassionally, even if Cura is idle, it shows a high memory usage.
  12. Hey @RoboDLC thank you for reporting this. I'm not sure if the firewall rules should matter - some times during testing, we choose cancel on that Windows Firewall prompt... and it still works without the getting blocked on the splash page. and @OUPS65, interesting to know this for us. I'll keep a note of it so we can include in our test it next time.
  13. Oh no! I didn't see this message! Sorry about that. Can you navigate to this location? C:\Users\[your_user]\AppData\Roaming\cura and zip everything up? Can you send them to me via PM? This folder contains all of your configuration including your logs. It can help me try and reproduce what you're seeing. As workaround for now, let's try to restore your 4.0 because that was the last version that worked for you. Did this work for both Windows 7 and 8? 1. Do you still have a 4.0 folder in that path C:\Users\[your_user]\AppData\Roaming\cura? If you do, can you
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