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  1. The number of settings displayed in this part is not exactly what is in the profile. To analyze my profiles I use the Profil Analyser PlugIn to analyze what exactly is saved in a profile and compare the different profils. Ie : In cura 7 paramaters But in reality There are 20 parameters in this profile
  2. Bug and enhancement must be post directly on the Cura Github : https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues
  3. As any one of you knows if it's possible to get via a Python Function the current layer in the Layer Slider, when we are in the preview mode ?
  4. It's quite clear You are about to save your project under the 3mf format . Your current machine is an Ender-3 from Creality. His name is Creality Ender-3 V2 LQ. You have just one extruder ( it's normal for an Ender-3) and the nozzle currenlty used is a 0.4 mm and you are printing with a PLA filament. The current profile is call : Creality Ender-3 V2 LQ#2 and compare to the default settings saved in this profile you have 1 parameter which is different and this value will be save in your project (1 override). The Intent configuration is set to to Default b
  5. I think you forgot : Modify the Python code, delete the log file, double-click on an STL to load up Cura, go get a coffee or something because Cura is DEATHLY slow, slice, analyze the log file, check results, analyze the log file, close Cura, lather, rinse, repeat.
  6. Not in dynamique mode. But we can imagine a post processing script where you define the quantity of material remaining on the spool ( current spool weight ) and when this theoritical quantity is reached switch to the second extruder. Just an idea not a solution
  7. You should send an Email also to Bill Gates and ask why in the countries which are using coma as decimal separator when you export a CSV file from Excel semicolon is the standard used as separator. As soon as Microsoft will change this behaviour, the separator will be change in the plugin 🤣
  8. One idea could be for the next release to export the file under the Scsv extension file. Semi-Colon Separated Values. End of discusion 🤣
  9. Haven't find the buton to add the smile 😁
  10. No, S3D would be a better solution. Like that, you can pay to have the pleasure to complain about the solution. It's always better to have the opportunity to say "For the amount of money i have spent in your solution you MUST include in the next release my request" 😁
  11. https://github.com/5axes/CustomSupportCylinder/blob/0dd92fb0b181a0f3b9359abf4cecde6059c8a30c/CustomSupport.qml#L253
  12. I hop I can be much more clear as the Code is now much mode clean So the Request is to replace the ListModel by a list of STL file present in a directory.
  13. Ok my explanations were certainly not very clear. Doesn't matter let's wait for the validation of this 2.5.1 version. It will be certainly much more easy to understand after that. And I will keep in mind for a 2.6, after some feedback of the user. Thanks a lot for your times !
  14. Thank you @nallath for you answer. My problem was not really to get the list of files but it's on the QML side. How to define the "Model" attribute of the Combobox . right now I have the possibility to hard coded the list : model: [ "Cross", "Section", "Pilar", "Bridge", "Custom" ] But how to transfer a list from the main Python program to the QML Module ?
  15. Hello, I'm working on the evolution of one of my plugin and I wanted to integrate in one option the possibility to fill a Combobox, with a list of file present in a directory. As I'm quite new on python I would like to know if someone could direct me to a simple example that would already do this kind of thing. Thanks a lot
  16. For linear advance settings use the Linear Advance plugin
  17. Yes if your Profil contains these informations then it's overwrite the default value. In order to supress these informations from your saved profil reset (Using the arrow) the values before to save the profil. You can use the Profil Analyser to realy analyse your settings and understand how data are managed by Cura.
  18. Import every STL file in MeshMixer, export under 3MF format and load it into cura ?
  19. Thanks for deleting your comment. Yes, from my point of view, even if the comments are technically well-founded, I feal it disrespectful to the work and service FREELY provided by Ultimaker and the development teams working on the product. Cura takes longer than others to get started ... Yes and ? in my case it's 15s while all the others takes 2 or 3s. It's true but what does 12s change in my life ? And when a print takes 2 days to finish: 2 days =172800s = 11520 Cura start There is no variable layer height yes, but PrusaSlicer, SuperSlicer, Ideamaker, IceSL, Craf
  20. Hello Cura Users, Any feedback from real user or tester of this new Cura premium plugin ?
  21. Could be also 2% Or 57% on a retract test part Without the sample part your question doesn't make sens. And as your time estimation shows only a Outer wall without Inner Walls , I can say it's clearly not a conventionnal part or usual settings parameters
  22. It looks like what the Plugin: Profile Analyzer does : ProfilAnalyser
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