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  1. Hello Cura Users, Any feedback from real user or tester of this new Cura premium plugin ?
  2. Could be also 2% Or 57% on a retract test part Without the sample part your question doesn't make sens. And as your time estimation shows only a Outer wall without Inner Walls , I can say it's clearly not a conventionnal part or usual settings parameters
  3. It looks like what the Plugin: Profile Analyzer does : ProfilAnalyser
  4. Work in progress... https://github.com/5axes/Calibration-Shapes/wiki
  5. I have no merit ... for more details on these settings you should install the Settings Guide Plugin. You'll find a lot of answers to your questions there Including one of your previous posts. on the top layers
  6. I think that the goal is different. In the case of Cura the goal is to reduce the seam, by going a little bit further it helps to reduce the scar and just the size of the nozzle is enought ( 0.4 - 0.6 mm) I don't use Simplify but in the case of PrusaSlicer you have the same type of setting. In this case the main goal is to reduce oozing and stringing. The distance is much more longer and in PrusaSlicer they also integrate in this extansion a certain percentage of the filament retract. On my point of view this solution is better than the Cura option. Perhaps a futur enhancement.
  7. I don't know where you have seen the mention of a "Save To" ? In every documentation we talk about the "Save Project" function
  8. I would say : a bottleneck caused by the USB protocol itself
  9. https://community.ultimaker.com/topic/34888-arc-welder-anti-stutter-plugin/ ?
  10. No using the windows version should not generate any issue. No one reported a problem on windows
  11. With my last subtmission this is the 50th plugin avalaible in the market place . This is an opportunity for me to sincerely thank @Ultimaker for the service provided even to non-customers. I would also like to thank especially @nallath and @ahoeben for the help brought on these developments and for the bases of several of these plugins which allowed me to concretize some of my ideas. Cuq
  12. yes 4.8 and just what you can see in the image -> Support placement : everywhere
  13. The "bug" comes from your settings. With a normal configuration there is no problem to use these file as a Custom support.
  14. Thanks @nallath for your answer. I'm not totaly sure but I think I have found the origine of this issue.
  15. I'm not sure of that the the property support_mesh_drop_down is set on the machine level. Trying to set to false. But the result is always the same. machine_manager = CuraApplication.getInstance().getMachineManager() global_stack = machine_manager.activeMachine global_stack.setProperty("support_mesh_drop_down", "value", False) But on the global stack the property is set to False :
  16. Yes something like this : getFanSpeed = global_stack.extruders[0].getProperty("cool_fan_speed", "value")
  17. Hello, I have some problems to change the property of a support_mesh into support_mesh_drop_down . I always have the Drop down support mesh checked in the Per object settings panel ? Any advice would be welcome. Cuq
  18. Very good solution, Like that you can also manage files you don't want to save like the log file the compiled python file etc via the .gitignore , Very smart and clever I love it !
  19. Finally for this type of studies there are one solution : Switch to PrusaSlicer. There, you can export the result of your sliced model into an OBJ file.
  20. I'm personnaly using this formula to calculate not the flow but the "real" wall thickness , and it's rather correct.
  21. Thanks to the work of @burtoogle, you can find a 32 bits version on the base of a 4.8 release here : https://github.com/smartavionics/Cura Just take care of your Opengl drive release on such "old hardware"
  22. If you want to go other this limit you must change in the JSON file voron2_base.def.json this line : Change the maximum_value_warning and by the way the maximum_value
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