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  1. I'm not sure of that the the property support_mesh_drop_down is set on the machine level. Trying to set to false. But the result is always the same. machine_manager = CuraApplication.getInstance().getMachineManager() global_stack = machine_manager.activeMachine global_stack.setProperty("support_mesh_drop_down", "value", False) But on the global stack the property is set to False :
  2. Yes something like this : getFanSpeed = global_stack.extruders[0].getProperty("cool_fan_speed", "value")
  3. Hello, I have some problems to change the property of a support_mesh into support_mesh_drop_down . I always have the Drop down support mesh checked in the Per object settings panel ? Any advice would be welcome. Cuq
  4. Very good solution, Like that you can also manage files you don't want to save like the log file the compiled python file etc via the .gitignore , Very smart and clever I love it !
  5. Finally for this type of studies there are one solution : Switch to PrusaSlicer. There, you can export the result of your sliced model into an OBJ file.
  6. I'm personnaly using this formula to calculate not the flow but the "real" wall thickness , and it's rather correct.
  7. Thanks to the work of @burtoogle, you can find a 32 bits version on the base of a 4.8 release here : https://github.com/smartavionics/Cura Just take care of your Opengl drive release on such "old hardware"
  8. If you want to go other this limit you must change in the JSON file voron2_base.def.json this line : Change the maximum_value_warning and by the way the maximum_value
  9. YES , First Alpha release of Cura Arachne engine . Finally something new in the Cura world. Christmas is a little early this year. Love It ! https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/releases/tag/Arachne_engine_alpha
  10. It is not a question of layer thickness but of nozzle size and line width ... We do not have any information about nozzle and line width. It would be more efficient to share your project instead of the STL file. My point of view wtih the actual information : The dimension of the grey element are equal to your nozzle size = 0.4 You can reduce the line width to 0.35 or change the geometry of the grey element. If you reduce the line width take care of the parameter : "Outer Wall Inset"
  11. A little bit late, but it could be useful for others. It doesn't work because your profile is defined on a Creality basis and not fdmprinter like the sovol SV01 machines have been declare in Cura. I don't know where it comes from but since it is not intended for this machine Cura can't associate it with your machine. On top of that SV01 are using the quality definition type of a basic fdm printer so it reconize "normal" quality_type but for Creality printer this quality_type is call "standard".
  12. For a better Gap filling solution don't need to wait 3 months , use the @burtoogle Master Cura Release (aka smartavionics on Github) https://github.com/smartavionics/Cura
  13. Thanks, any clue for a sample code source which already do that ?
  14. Perhaps you should post one of your curaprofil to help people to understand your issue with invalid profile
  15. And much more worryingly, the result in NCViewer also appears to be invalid. Be careful before testing this new version. the Layer in Cura The code tested The new code ?
  16. .. I need to make some new tests .. since we used the version 1.0.0 of the commandline version. The Gcode is now much more longer
  17. A long long times ago one solution was to capture the OpenGL stream. As Cura is using Opengl I suppose it still possible to do that. I remenber some tests made with Acrobat3D OpenGL capture utility. But I don't know if this solution still exists.
  18. The new options minimum number of segments and mm per arc segment do the job. With a slight reduction of the Gcode size compression (54% intstead of 57% ) the smallest radius are now correct. Using the recommanded settings minimum number of segments =12 mm per arc segment = 1.0
  19. First results, the plugin works fine now, and G02 G03 movements with Z also work well on my Marlin firmware. Finally, contrary to what I expected on a simple high-speed part, circular interpolation eliminates certain micro-pauses in the machine which generate slight defects on the print.
  20. Hello, I'm working on a new Plug_in used to analyse / Debug Cura Profils. In of his function is to solved issue on invalid profile (Mainly on the qualityChanges container) The solution works fine but I need to "refresh" the profile in Cura after the modification of the MetaData. Do you know if there is any solution to "reload" or refresh the GlobalContainerStack after this modication. Right now I'm oblige to manualy re-specify the material to update the profil , I'm looking for an automated solution. Hoping to have been clear enoug
  21. ok .. I have made some minor modification on the @ahoeben Plug-in for my own tests. I will made some tests regarding you new settings this weekend. I will give you some feedback. I only have an Ender-3; so I don't know if this machine will support the 3D circular interpolation. I don't expect to get real benefits in terms of quality or machine dynamique but I want to test if your new settings will give the possibility to respect the initial small radius shape on this machine. Right now, just on the the theoretical point of view the conversion into 3D arc is correct . Let's see tomo
  22. Hello @FormerLurker, We should use : --mm-per-arc-segment=1 --min-arc-segments=12 or -a=1 -s=12 What is the recommanded command syntax ?
  23. il y avait un tuto là : https://www.facebook.com/notes/cura3d-francophone/optimisation-des-impressions-multiples/552084759054359/ Il doit être dans l'ordre d'ajout des pièces sur le plateau .. Mais le plus simple c'est de lancer un calcul voir l'ordre que Cura utilise et positionner les pièces selon cette ordre.
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