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  1. Pas besoin de bidouiller le G-Code de démarrage Cura le fait très bien tout seul . Dans Cura il faut juste désactiver l'option Attendre le chauffage du plateau. De cette manière le Chauffage du plateau sera lancé et directement derrière tu aura le lancement du chauffage de la buse. Et non pas de problème à lancer les deux sur Ender-3. Je le fais en systématique depuis 2 ans Sans pb.
  2. Sorry I'm not a Mac user so it's hard for me to help you. Normaly with the cura package you just have to dowload the file and drag & drop it into Cura. But I'm not totaly sure of that, if a Mac user can confirm ?
  3. Normaly yes but it's not my decision . I've made the request a week ago but usualy it takes between 10 and 15 days to the developpement team to analyse a request ; so wait and see.
  4. Yes it's a Cura plugin : https://github.com/5axes/Duplicate/releases/tag/%230.1.3 Just drag and drop the curapackage in your Cura windows ( Cura 4.7 )
  5. You can use a script or a small plug-in can do that : https://github.com/5axes/Duplicate
  6. Question 1 : yes use a plugin to do that https://github.com/5axes/Duplicate
  7. Ok without authentification I got all the plugin list. So yes there is certainly an issue with my profil, I'm not supposed to be an essential customer or to have specified such option . Is it possible to modify this setting ?
  8. Certainly an new issue with the Web Marketplace. My analyse only the plugin with indicate "Brand" on the Left are display. But in the Cura Market place we have much more plugin
  9. Using on one of my computer the Cura Master 4.6 32 bits release made by Mark Burton aka @burtoogle https://www.dropbox.com/sh/s43vqzmi4d2bqe2/AABccoglNb8rVmEgN88uSMDpa/Windows-32 Working fine ( just an issue with the version of OpenGL on this hardware but this is normal as it is an old computer)
  10. Tu as des vielles versions 32 bits de Cura : Moi sur un de mes anciens PC j'utilise la version 32bits de Mark Burton qui sont des version 4.6 amélioré avec ses propres dev donc techniquement plus avancé que des 4.6 offciels: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/s43vqzmi4d2bqe2/AABccoglNb8rVmEgN88uSMDpa/Windows-32 Par contre il est fréquent avec des configs de PC un peu ancienne de ne pas avoir la version OpenGL minimum au bon fonctionnement de Cura.
  11. Thank you for your answer @ahoeben, If I understand you well, according to you wanting to update this plugin is a utopian project ?
  12. Hello, I was trying to update an old plugins of Ultimaker to create Custom Supports ( it's not the plugin present in the market place but one based on the principe to use a brush to 'paint' needed support area to add or remove supports) : https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/tree/feature_custom_support/plugins/CustomSupport But I must confess that this job is far beyond my skills. My first problem comes from a function that now seems obsolete: setExtraOverhang Ie : QtApplication.getInstance().getController().getView("SolidView").setExtraOverhang(self._draw
  13. Same issue for me .. Only X/Y overrides Z behaviour on Custom support. Bug report on Github https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/8082
  14. oui mais il se peut que sur les autres tu ais réglé la vitesse plus basse ou moins de débit et le problème était moins visible. mais pour moi ca reste matériel avant d’être logiciel.
  15. Hello, I'm working on a plugin and I need in this case to get the normal vector on a picked point. Using PickingPass and getPickedPosition returns the coordinates of the point , but is it possible to get the normal vector on this point ? https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/blob/master/cura/PickingPass.py Thanks a lot !
  16. Vu la pièce et les décalages qui arrivent dès les premières couches c'est pas un problème Cura, mais machine. Courroie à retendre réglage hauteur plateau
  17. Export your loaded models into Cura onto a STL file, then get back this file into cura. It should be considedered as a single model. Same issue as :
  18. Hello, On my point of view a lot of existing parameters which are actualy in the "Experimental" section should be switch to the right section. After 3 or 4 releases, parameters in this section should be validate as regular options or removed if they are not really usefull. This is the case for Tree Support options -> support - Slicing Tolerance - Tree Support Branch Angle -Tree Support Branch distance etc . Break Up support in shunk parameters -> support Coasting parameters -> Shell Adaptative layers paramete
  19. I think you can do that with a small modification of the @ahoeben custom printjob naming plugin. Perhaps you could ask him to add in the list of the available parameters these two options.. https://github.com/fieldOfView/Cura-CustomJobPrefix You just need to add two lines in the PrintInformationPatches.py file in the relacement section : "{material_print_temperature}": self._abbreviate_number(extruder_stack.getProperty("material_print_temperature", "value")), "{cool_fan_speed}": self._abbreviate_number(extruder_stack.getProperty("cool_fan_speed", "valu
  20. Cuq


    Il n'y a pas de problème ce que tu vois c'est juste les déplacements de la buse hors matière , ce n'est pas la fillasse qui pourrait être créée. Si tu ne veux pas voir les déplacements décoche juste dans les réglages la case "Déplacements"
  21. And this is just with the "official" plugins but if you add also your other source code on Github it's certainly much more. Thank's a lot for your contribution. You are definitly a great source of inspiration.
  22. Hello, I'm absolutly not sure of that but using -s option ? like : -s mesh_rotation_matrix="[[1,0,0], [0,1,0], [0,0,1]]"
  23. I think I can understand now your remark 🙂 he seem's to be the king of copy/past except for the section "Donate to the plugin developer!" this part of the source code is definitly his own 🤣
  24. Tips & Tricks : Using the OpenScad interface and the basic 'Text' function to create rapid custom support, without too many CAD effort. // Support text // Support V Y E TextParam = "Y"; // Text Text_Size = 12; // Text size Text_Thickness = 4; // Text thickness Radius = 0.5; // Text radius fnt = "Arial:style=Regular"; // Police texte $fn=100; color("Red") minkowski() { rotate([90,0,0]) { linear_extrude(height = Text_Thickness) { text(text = TextParam, size = Text_Size, font = fnt ); } } cylinder(r=Radius,h=0.5); } U
  25. Hello, Is it possible to set the "Drop Down Support Mesh" on a imported mesh automaticaly to off ?
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