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  1. B-morgan.. Well.your new layer code you sent works a treat. (Layer3 file) Just printing a 2 colour file i made in TinkerCad and it pauses perfectly! I manually change filament at this point. The only issue i had was during pause and it says "do it" , it turned my hotend off and continued to print with no extrusion due to heater being off. I saved it by quickly turning the heater on as it only had lost 10degrees.. But it knew heater was off. Maybe this was a standby setting i had , but a heater off warning and an extended pause until rectified would be nice. (A visual warning or alarm beep) Its only by fluke i noticed the heater got turned off. If i left it it would be printing with no extrusion. Apart from this glitch which i believe was my fault in a setting , it works perfect. Thankyou. Marty Ps.. btw the beep flag ticked works fine. Its a great alert to give a heads up!
  2. B-MORGAN thanks for the support here. yep - the file locations are as you mention for a standard install. On your first file with the .log extension , I placed this in the scripts folder and renamed it with just a .py extension as you stated to do. I loaded Cura and the post processing didnt show the added file (which i left as PauseAtHeightorLayer.py) which would have been obvious in the scripts dropdown. Why would it not show? I am going to try your new file (.zip) and see how we go. Is there a filename length to consider? Not sure why it didnt show.. Any thoughts appreciated.
  3. Btw...im using a tevo terantula printer.. Marlin firmware (bugfix1.0) And slice using reprap flavour. Will this M0 you mention be a problem? Ive downloaded the .py file by b.morgan here. Yet to try it. Suggestions.
  4. Gday b-morgan I put your .py file into cura and did a restart.. It wouldnt show the file in the post process list. What am i doing wrong? I did rename it with only the .py extension. And left full name of file.. i couldnt see it. Help!
  5. Thanks b-morgan. Will try your file tomorrow on an stl that failed today. This was my first attempt using post process and according to threads i found , it sounds like a glitch. Im running... Cura 4.0 Repetier host platform Pc direct - no SD card A Tevo Terantula with Marlin bugfix1.0
  6. When slicing ..have you got a little symbol like a dirt pick next to save to file? Maybe you played with post process settings..it stays all the time until you clear it. Goto post process and X any out..turn off. Easy to do and forget to turn it off. The symbol at the bottom is the only indicator its on in the background.
  7. Did we get a working result? A fix to no extrusion issue after resume printing? Thanks
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