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  1. Did you mean Teaching Tech? I watched his video and, yeah it seems like he's having a pretty bad time. It seems like if it works, it works great, but if it doesn't there really isn't much one could do to fix it as it's all within the palette box.
  2. Mosaic (the company behind the Palette add-on) released a 1.75mm adapter. It has a 1.75mm Bowden tube, feeder drive arm, and an PTFE sleeve for $80 pre-order at Matterhackers. https://www.mosaicmfg.com/blogs/news/ultimaker-3d-printers-and-palette-2-2-pro-now-compatible What are your thoughts? Worth the price? Anyone have any experience with Palette in general?
  3. I wanted to update on this. I ordered the extra power supply, but it's just stayed in the box for now as I haven't seen a repeat of the problem. I swapped over to the 2.85mm filament that I have from when I bought the printer, and I've printed three or four 3 hour prints. Now I'm looking into convincing my SO to allow me to tinker in the Mark2 upgrade 🙂
  4. I think I tried those steps before, and it lasted for 30 minutes or so before I got bored and tried to print something. Just to have it fail a few layers in. Maybe it was a combination of factors including me trying to print 1.75 without mods. I went ahead and ordered the PSU and it should be arriving either today or tomorrow, so I guess we'll see.
  5. Thanks for the link for the conversion! Hopefully that will fix a lot of my headaches.. I went ahead and ordered a new power supply, so hopefully that will fix those issues as well.
  6. Thanks for the advice, I was kind of afraid it might be a power supply issue. I still have the original power supply that came with the UM2. Should I try to get the same one, or is there a better alternative? Most of my filament is 1.75mm PLA, Normally I can run it just fine, but I guess it just clogs a bit more. Setting it to 1.75 in the printer's settings seems to just make it push the plastic faster to compensate for the lower thickness. Are there other steps required to fully change it to 1.75?
  7. I have an UM2 that I upgraded to an UM2+. I have been printing for the past couple of months fixing various issues along the way, but this one has me stumped. Problem: The Ultimaker 2+ will reboot (the screen flashes the ultimaker logo) very early in the print, usually before the 10th layer, and sometimes as early as printing the brim. This started happening around when the latest Cura version was released, but I don't know if that is actually the issue (I see this happen when printing files that were sliced on older versions of Cura) As I am completely unsure on what c
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