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  1. Awesome - that fixed the problem. Thank you very much! I did not expect it to have any impact as the general support option was switched off. Best regards Lasse
  2. I am not sure if the google-translator translated it correct for me. The only option, that sounds a little bitte like it is called "Infill support". but as you can see on the pictures, it does not have any effect.
  3. Hello together, I have a problem with the tree support in Cura 4.0.0. It seems that it has something to do with the print-profiles that I have downloaded from prusa-website for my orig. prusa i3 mk3s. If I use one of the Cura-default print settings, the tree support is generated just fine. But first let me describe what happens: With the settings/profiles downloaded for the original Prusa MK3S (I have installed/imported them by following the instructions) the tree support is adding some additional support lines (looks like zigzag-pattern) onto the tree support. T
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