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  1. Thanks Smithy - I will give the not in skin setting a try. Still researching the wall separation issue and going through the Cura setting resources for a possible solution, as it happens intermittently - usually around curves and sharper turns. Another example below of the issue where it's happening around the teeth, but not on the thin inner walls.
  2. I've had similar issues after messy print failures left a bunch of solidified PLA around the print head - I found heating the extruder to 230 allowed me to easily wipe off the stuck-on material with a piece of paper towel. Minimal pressure was required to clean the print head, but still be careful about burning yourself. Hope that helps.
  3. Hi Everyone, Hoping I can get a bit of advice here. I purchased an Anycubic Chiron recently and have encountered a few minor print issues which i'm not 100% certain how to remedy. Using Cura 4.0 with many of the general settings auto-selected through the machine profile for the Anycubic i3 Mega. Extruder: 0.4mm; Layer height: 0.2mm; Infill overlap: 15%; Print speed: 50mm 1) Surface blemishes on top and bottom layers: These blemishes are showing up on my prints from the extruder traveling between print areas. Would I remedy this within the Combing settings by changing it to Not in Skin or Within Infill? Are there alternative solutions? 2) Wall separation on straight vertical sections: Left image shows the issue I'm encountering. Right image shows that generally there are no gaps in my prints between walls or walls and infill. What is causing the wall separation in the left image? Is this from print speed or something else? I'm not sure what settings I need to change to remedy this. 3) Difficult to remove supports. I'm halfway through printing the "Phone Walker" from Thingyverse. This is the first model I've printed which requires supports. On the two feet, the supports removed fairly easily but did pull off a few pieces of the final surface layer. On the stand picture to the left, the supports were a PITA to remove as they were solidly attached to the top and bottom surface layers. It took a fair amount of post-processing time to remove them with minimal damage to the print surface. I think I had just used the default Cura support settings. Would I remedy this with Support Z Distance, Support Top Distance, or Support Bottom Distance? or is there another setting to change? I'd like know how to correct this before I print the legs as they have a fair amount of supports to remove... Your suggestions and advice would be greatly appreciated - Thanks! 🙂
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