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  1. I was going into this forum with the hopes that each and everyone who reads a "bug report" knows cura and is more or less an expert, and it is more than enough to provide an object with a link and a description that scaling by percentage (providing also the values) seems weird/doesn't work. It's more than uncommon, that rookies read the bug reports (And I again give you that one - I should have seen/found it by myself). Let's agree to disagree and hope that cura will be even better ;-)
  2. I believe you mate. I just felt...well.... ignored (or taken for a derp/rookie) when you have asked me for printscreens, configurations and what felt like evidence even though the initial report was easily replicable etc. etc. But I've biten my lips, posted what I felt is necessary to prove that his is indeed a bug. BTW - this is feeling a little ... ridiculous to say it politely.... When checking the github (in order to submit a proper bug report) I have found this old issue which remains still unsolved since... Cura 3.2.1 at least... https://github.com/Ult
  3. Ahhh... yeah I give you that one. P.S. No need to scream 🖖
  4. Might be, yeah... Not a biggie, but I do use the percentage scaling from time to time and this is making the life hard... but I never thought on narrowing it down... I just switched to other slicers (just to be sure). Now with a brand new printer I started to tune it & investigate this problem a little bit more... (registered just to submit the bug - pity there are any real bug-trackers ... at least not one I am aware of).
  5. Here's the Evidence that I am not a derp. Open a file from the link I posted in the 1st post (or drag and drop it...) doesn't really matter. You see the object is initially not placed correctly So we are gonna rotate it by 90 degrees I have enabled the option to automatically lay it flat in Cura: Then we need to scale it accordin to the thingiverse comment --- 99.57% on both X / Y and 101.30% on Z But first let's disable the uniform scaling -> disabled Let's scale X to
  6. Believe me when I say that I tested it in various configurations and also selecting/deselecting various options. Scaling does not work correctly. Not with the object I have mentioned above --- try by yourself. Can it be that this might be related to the initial position of the object (e.g. keychain_10-krone_removable_token.stl) -- I needed to rotate it 90 degrees to put it flat on the bed). This is definitely a problem. Moreover I can confirm - with object that you don't need to rotate first (to put them flat on the bed) - scaling seems to work correctly.
  7. Hello, I think I have found a bug in the way Cura scales the models. When slicing one of these objects found here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2753230 I wanted to do an EUR version and tried to "scale X and Y to 99.57% and Z to 101.3%" However whenever doing that it scales also other Axis or ...welll... hard to explain - generally scales incorrect values/axis. Try by yourself. Tested on Cura 4.0 x64 for Windows and Cura 4.1 x64 Beta - the result is the same. I worked it around by scaling with the size in mm instead of % even though it updates the
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