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  1. IMG_1801.zipI have attached a zipped video of the last 50 secs of a print which shows the extrusion blob and the Z axis drop. I thought a video would speak a thousand words haha. Hopefully someone knows whats going on and have a possible solution.
  2. Guys I need help from the collective once again. I have built my own version of the UM2E+ but for the life of me cannot get one print right yet! The printer is running of of Tinker firmware (kudos to the genius who created it!!!) but problem has persisted over various firmware updates. I have been trying to print calibration cubes sliced with Cura & Repetier but every time I seem to have the same problem (the first layer or 2 come out perfectly). At different stages of the print but normally around the 4-8th layer the printer extrudes a very large blob and then the Z axis drops by 1-2mm or so and continues to try to print. I am running my bed from a separate power supply through a MOSFET and printing PLA+ at 210degC the print speed has also been reduced. As per previous suggestions I have reduced the current to all my motors as I initially thought that the drivers were overheating so my X/Y axis is 1000, Z axis 900 & extruder 1000. I have also changed the extruder motor from a Nema17 x 35mm to a Nema17 45mm @ 0.9 degree steps and have the step count and length completely perfect (had the same problem with both motor versions). I have fitted a large heat sink and forced air fan to all the stepper drivers but nothing has helped, the heat sink doesn't seem to get overly hot. Z axis has also been tweaked to move the correct amount IWO steps/mm etc. Can anyone share some thoughts on what the problem and a possible solution is?
  3. Ok so I have reduced the current to the Z axis & extruder and did my pull checks on the extruder, got my step count 100% perfect on Z axis and Extruder but the problem still came up, first layer was perfect then got worse after the second layer. To try something different I sliced a 20mm calibration cube on Repetier and low and behold the first 10mm of layers went down perfectly...... until the printer head froze..... extruded a load of plastic on the diagonal along the part and then the Z axis dropped 3mm or so and tried to continue on printing. tried to print the file again and this time I only got about 2mm into the build then the exact same thing happened. Is it worth changing to a different firmware or what are your recommendations. See the pic below showing first and second attempt (first in right). To also answer your question I am using a Sanjiu extruder but as I said I have it now dispensing the correct length of filament. What are the next options to try.
  4. Guys I am in dire need of your assistance.... So I took on the challenge of building a cloned Ultimaker 2 Extended (with a few self mods) but have run into a problem at the last hurdle. So basically the first layer goes down incredibly well with the X & Y axis printing out perfectly and dimensions are perfect too but thats when things to to hell. After the second layer or so there seems to be both an issue with under extrusion and Z axis height. Now I have both checked the step height on the Z axis and the extruder and both are moving at acceptable distances. I.e I have moved the Z axis 25mm and the resulting movement has 25.195 (i am an engineer with advances measuring equipment) the same goes with the extruder I have extruded 50mm of material and have measured 52.5 (a little over I know but wouldn't explain under extrusion). In an attempt to alleviate this issue I updated the firmware to TinkerMaker but the problem still persists. I have also added a cooling fan to the stepper drivers which has made no difference. The power supply is a 24V 15A so should be able to handle things, I have reduced bed temperature to 25DegC just in case I was overloading. I am basically at the pulling out of hair stage and could be doing with a fresh perspective if anyone could help.
  5. Hopefully someone can help, I am building my own 'Cloned' UM2 Extended and have come to a problem with wiring up the stepper motors (the ones I had ordered came with bare wires, and no connection) would someone please be able to advise me the correct stepper motor wiring / pin out (ABCD / 1346) relative to the UM2 board pin out please. I was also wondering if its able to run the motors manually through the control board without having the print head and heat bed plugged in/wired up? Thanks in advance for any help given guys, I hear that this is a great community for helping the newbie.
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