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  1. The bowden tube is not in the bottom of heattube. The tube can go up when You are drawing filament out and melted filament goes inside bowden tube. Remember use clip both sides of bowden tube. There is good video in Youtube to fix this problem. Watch and fix !!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30qqKUwviww
  2. Many pieces to print out is Ok. If You have many small pieces it is good idea to increase RETRACK- parameter to 3.0 (default 1.5) (Remember to greate ggode after chance) This disables the small hair filament hairs between parts.
  3. The part is very little. Try change fill parameter towards 100% (remember make g-code after that) It takes more time and more filament but usually I got better result. (next round of printing comes near and the clue is better)
  4. There is one missing guide to scale parameters. Before You can write new value to window selected, You must clear old value by click BACKSPACE button to empty. I did search this method long time, but didnt find any comment to do like this.
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