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  1. Yes, running it as admin works And yes, there´s both running, both from Symantec
  2. Just noticed that it works if you use "Start as Administrator" to launch Cura
  3. Installed 4.1 but it shows the same problem as 4.0 on my laptop. The process cura.exe gets started but the GUI doesn´t come up. 😣
  4. The latest installation of 4.0 indeed never came up on my laptop. The previous one (also 4.0) worked for quite some time until it began to have problems. It started to come up sporadically, sometimes I had to start it 2 or 3 times until the GUI came up. In the end it didn´t come up at all anymore. That´s when I decided to do a reinstall which led to the current situation.
  5. yes it does, but there´s only 3 dirs and one file (packages.json) and the 3 dirs are empty
  6. and where did you find cura.cfg? There´s no such file in the above mentioned directory on my Win10 machine.....😲
  7. Just noticed that somebody else has the same problem as me. Unfortunately I can´t find a file named "cura.cfg" on my machine......
  8. Hello, I have a Windows10 laptop and Cura just ran fine until a few days ago. Since then Cura 4.0.0 won´t start anymore. I already reinstalled, rebooted etc. several times. When I click on Cura it looks like it´s starting but the GUI doesn´t come up. I can see the Cura process in the Task Manager, but no GUI.
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