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  1. Tkx, just started a second same print for the second pilot arm, ill pay more attention this time to what the temps are doing, can always unplug the filament sensor plug when i need to do this.....the cr10s pro dual filament printer is looking good lol
  2. Hi, Just tried the menu pause, stopped it a couple layers early, quickly swapped the colors, hit resume... but because of the filament out sensor it delayed....not sure what i did but it finally resumed and working, I'm thinking it was the temp but was in a hurry and did not look, be nice if in the post extension there was a setting for delay time? than just resume? Have to study the g-code a bit more in depth to see if it could be implemented? sure it can tkx
  3. Have tried several, only has stop/pause/adjust... just tried pause and machine locks, have to reboot and it does nor resume, starts at main screen. just going to have to use the pause and be quick with the change over before nozzel cools to much
  4. Trying to use cura's post processing ext to pause a print at a specific layer, do a color change than resume Print does stop at specific layer and move to set position, able to change filament...but how to resume? Printer is a cr10s pro running tiny machines firmware tkx in advance
  5. Hi tkx, have shown 2 different pieces, last pic is filling in holes, first pic works but walls to thin tkx for any insight randy
  6. Have worked out a lot of issues but stumped on this one. Cant seam to get cura to properly print 2mm hollow vertical tubes correctly, if I use a single .4mm line it is ok, but walls to thin, looking for .8 - 1.0mm thickness. If I increase line width or line count, holes get filled? https://www.thingiverse.com/download:5582605 This is a piece of the puzzle, union overlapping is off, .4 nozzle, have tried different line width's, line counts, speeds, layer heights.... Have to be missing a simple setting? any thoughts will greatly be appreciated randy fusela
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