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  1. Hi JCD, Avoiding a 'staircase' effect is a typical example off why I would find the function useful. But of course you are right that a post processing plugin cannot calculate this new travel very easily. Thank you for clarifying this. Maybe we can hope that, some time in the future, this will be included in Curas slicing process then? Best regards Robert
  2. Hi Dim3nsioneer, And thank you for your answer! I find this script to add some important and useful functions in Cura that, in my opinion, should be implemented in the settings. Unfortunately I do not have the coding skills to contribute to the script, but I hope someone will maintain the script and hopefully add the change layer height functionality in a near future. The time issue I totally understand. Thank you and all other community members spending time on making Cura a great open source software! Best regards Robert
  3. Hi, I have always found the Tweak at Z plugin very useful, but I have always been wondering why there has newer been a option to change layer height in the plugin. Can anyone tell me if there is a technical reason why this has not been implemented? Now that the adaptive layers function in Cura is working fine, I would guess that it is possible to implement a manual function for changing layer height at a given Z-height. I do not believe I am the first person to find this useful, so I wonder if there is technical challenges stopping the implementation of this function? B
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