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  1. Please see the already opened thread with the solution. https://community.ultimaker.com/topic/28173-cura-41-pausing-at-each-layer/
  2. I am having this issue and I cant seem to fix this. This issue has been happening in 4.0. I do not have this issue with normal supports I have a little documentation starting here on it. https://www.reddit.com/r/Cura/comments/b90wl4/cura_4_tree_supports/ I have repaired this model before printing inside netfabb before trying to print in order to weed out any issues. Basically the connecting supports for tree supports are going through the model. I have attached a picture of the model on the bed. Also inside cura. and supporting files chibi-fixed.3mf chibi-fixed.gcode
  3. @rritch I believe that you can do it in cura see the attached image on where to do this.
  4. Here is more in depth of the issue I load both 4.1 and 4.0 and load up the same model that I have attached. Slice with the default settings and print profile that is loaded. Slice and save to usb drive. Also attached is the project files, the static loaded stl, and gcodes. Video with loaded 4.0 (no issues): Video with loaded 4.1 (issues): On a odd note i do see that even though the profile does have skirt enabled it doesnt show in 4.0 but does show on 4.1 TEST_Big_Baby_-_Good_Samaritan_-_ChamberRounds.stl TEST-4-0_Big_Baby_-_Good_Samaritan_-_ChamberRounds.3mf TEST-4-1_Big_Baby_-_Good_Samaritan_-_ChamberRounds.3mf TEST-4-0_Big_Baby_-_Good_Samaritan_-_ChamberRounds.gcode TEST-4-1_Big_Baby_-_Good_Samaritan_-_ChamberRounds.gcode
  5. Yes that is also the issue I have. That it pauses right after it lays a brim, wall, or I fill. I thought I explained correctly but with your post I realized I was wrong. Also right before I updated I had dialed in my profile to be where I am happy and on the new update I noticed that the first layer was under extruding. The above models in the gcode have way less triangles than the ones I printed right before in 4.0
  6. Sorry I was out and about. Here are two differently sliced models. same stls but sliced I want to say with min time decreased. oh and btw my slicing was done on PC not mac JA5A5S_Big_Baby_-_Good_Samaritan_-_SpeedLoader.gcode JA5A5S_Big_Baby_-_Good_Samaritan_-_Trigger.gcode
  7. It is happening to me also. The time is not the issue (that i know of yet) but the pausing is. I think that something is getting mixed up with the mintime per layer. Its treating it as pause time for each layer. I decreased the min time per layer and it seemed to take less time on the pauses. I cant even get my first layer to lay down in any timely manner.
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