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  1. Just deleting and reinstalling didnt help so far. If i delete said configuration folder and want to start from scratch. Do i loose all my settings? right now i have 4 versions of cura installed. that way i can make shure that i can go back to a working setup...
  2. Mac OS Mojave 10.14 same here. i cant start that new cura 4.1 it crashes.
  3. I would like to add: For a quite new software. Simple exporting is not what s actually needed here... the outcome is usually useless and heavy data. A specific 3D-PRINT-EXPORT should fuse all and everything into one single solid, no internal cavities, no single surfaces. For professional use i even would want to have a adjustable algorithm for adding thickness to overly thin stuctures in regard of printing in scale. actually this is what free software already provides. Even with this expensive piece of software, one still has to go to the freeware meshmixer in order to "repair/make-it-
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