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  1. Never mind, it was because the build volume height was lowered due to the gantry collision thing, even though I only had one "thing" it was already lowering the height. Followup: is there a way to force it to move from the front to back when doing one-at-a-time so the gantry height isn't an issue for my printer?
  2. When using support blockers, printing one at a time doesn't work since Cura considers the support blocker a separate object, even when grouped with an object, and refuses to slice.
  3. Found this today by accident. Luckily I was not in the middle of anything important, just switching between prints. This still seems to be the only thread mentioning its existence on the internet. Haven't had a chance to play it yet as I needed to finish the next print.
  4. There is a way to add CORS support to the printer without breaking authentication. You do not need to respond with the Access-Control-Allow-Origin : * header instead you can reply with an Access-Control-Allow-Origin header that copies the request Origin (which will always be provided if it matters for CORS). I added the following code to /usr/share/griffin/griffin/interface/http/server.py and it now allows CORS: # At the end of __init__: # Add CORS support self.after_request(Server.allow_cors) # At the end of Server: @staticmethod
  5. Thanks! Great! Didn't know about that alternate view. It helped a bunch. Although, it doesn't have all of the states. For example, there seems to be no listing for "pause_source" or the history event IDs. I was able to dig through the griffin source and find some more of them. I have found a bug in the camera API and I think that the line in interfaces/html/um3server.py that is camera = Camera(self.__camera_service, api_v1) should be camera = Camera(self.__camera_service, "camera", api_v1) since otherwise it uses api_v1 as the "local_path" for the HTTPExposedItem an
  6. I have been working with the Ultimaker API for awhile and I have several questions about the API. I noticed a few days ago that the entire /camera API is no longer working, I always get a 404 error. The camera stream is still available at the :8080/?action=stream URL, but the API no longer is usable for finding that URL. I have tried power cycling the machine with no difference. Did this change at some point? Additionally, the /auth/check/{id} documentation doesn't seem to be clear. Does it only work for recently requested IDs? Like if I have an authorized ID from a day
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