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  1. Thanks for the quick and helpful reply. I'd never have thought of that idea – I'll give it a try.
  2. We've been using Slic3r successfully for several years. I'd like to go over to Cura for Macintosh but one thing is stopping me. I'm using spiralize mode and I can't control the fill pattern in the base layers. I've set the infill pattern to 'lines' and it works fine for the first layer. In the second base layer Cura generates a loose, weak concentric fill with gaps, the third layer gets the lines again and the two patterns alternate for all the base layers. The result is that I can see daylight through the base layers. I've spent a long time with the 'expert' settings trying to replace the concentric fill with lines (ideally at right angles to the layer below) but no success. Any ideas? I should probably add that we extrude clay not plastic and make a lot of fancy bowls and vases. That's not a problem for most slicers. The slicer thinks it's printing rather coarse layers with a large nozzle and extremely fat filament! It does however explain why we use spiralize mode a lot and why we need our print bases to hold water.
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