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  1. I'm hoping for a modern um2+ with enclosure!
  2. Awesome, can't wait! *Speculation mode ON* Seems like a new FDM and Resin printer?
  3. Plastic from the "new" glass bed. New machines with such big scratches? how do they even come through quality control. I dont want such things on a newly bought machine with such an price.
  4. ugh I bought the um2+ new 2 times in a row now and both times I got a second-hand device... Scratch marks all over the place and plastic removed from the accessories.
  5. I got myself a UM2+, thanks guys.
  6. I just dont want to buy a UM2+ when its "old" when theres a new type(same but more modern) of printer coming in the next years 😞 I tried a UM2+ and love it, but its at the boundaries of my budget.
  7. Will ultimaker ever release a more modern UM2+ printer? I for example love the Zortrax m200+ but it is lacking in some parts for me. Was wondering if UM will ever release a single extruder printer with the same size as UM2+ ever again? Wanted features: Atleast a default front enclosing USB/Wifi etc...
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