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  1. Thank you for your advice. Will try to slow it down. It seems some areas of the part can deal with the speed. I have to figure out how to slice certain parts faster. I have zero issues with overhangs without a fan so far. But will probably use one.
  2. Hello I have a geeetech prusa i3 wooden version. I had zero experience before i bought this diy kit. I manage to get it working quite well with a few issues. Bed adhesion 100% leveling 100% axis moves freely without jam. 100% First problem im having is. The outer wall layer seems to not want to stick.(during 100% infill) during 20% infill the outerwall will hold up. For this print im using cura slicer on win32. Cura settings: I currently did full infill with 10% overlap 100% flow 100 movement speed. 205 for temperature 0.8 wall thickness 0.2 layer The second problem im having is that some parts wont print as smooth and there are holes on the outer layer as you can see on the pic. Potential need to know info My room is about 18-22 degree fluctuating slightly within these 4 degree. My printer never came with a 'part cooling fan' i never installed one yet. Could this make a difference? P.s. all my other layers are sticking just fine. Infill layers hold up just as intended. Thank you for your help and support. Id be looking forward to hear from everyone. Thank you again.
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