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  1. I hope so too but so far, so good.
  2. You were right! The fabric conduit around the outside had frayed down a bit and the two wires were contacting down near the plastic so it wasn't easy to see. Thanks for the help and hopefully it will keep working well! I may have tidy up the wires a bit to stop it happening again.
  3. One of my prints came unstuck during printing and the failure caused the material to build up around the hotend. It was quite a job to get the material off of the print head and in the process I have pulled out the heater and sensor wiring from the print core chip. I have tried re-wiring it myself by comparing the pattern to other print cores I have but when I came to use it the hot end went up to around 350 degrees before ending in an error. Is there a wiring diagram of the print cores anywhere or are there any other issues I should be looking at when reinserting the wires back into the chip?
  4. Ah well, I still learnt some things! I was previously unaware of the ability to modify the g-code in any way and now I have a few more options if I stumble across the need for them.
  5. Johnse I like the theory but it took a while to make it work. When using the layer number Cura seems to start its numbering from the first layer of the print piece and doesn't take into account the raft. Then, when the height is set to layer 1 or 0 the extruder temperature changes on the 2nd layer both times instead of the first. Using the mm height was better but I still couldn't seem to completely understand what the printer is doing. The print is small, approx. 20mmx20mm, so when setting the temperature change for one layer the extruder doesn't have time to cool down before it starts to heat back up again. When changing the 'behavior' to 'keep value' and setting the layer number to 2 so that the extruder cools down for the last raft layer and the first print layer the temperature only drops to 195 instead of the set 180. I'm don't think I understand what the layer number set at 2 actually represents nor what the text that is displayed on the LCD screen when the set layer height is reached, "printing... ch@ 0.7"? Ultimately, I have a good print that separates well from the raft by setting the printing temperature to 180 then using the ChangeAtZ (Height - 0.9mm, Behavior - Keep Value and No. Layers - 1) to make the rest of the print 210. Gr5 I'm using an Ultimaker 3 with PLA and had some trouble with a print a week ago. At the time I managed to fix my issue of the print not sticking using what you called "squish" (I moved the bed closer and it stuck). I had previously tried the raft but it glued to the piece. Now I am simply experimenting trying to get the raft to work so if there is ever a time in future where I need one then I know what to do. Hopefully, I can just use all your suggestions from above instead because this is proving challenging. Thank you to both of you for the help 🙂
  6. Hello, I'm having trouble with rafts gluing to my print. The best solution I have found so far is lowering the print temperature to 180 degrees and the raft peels away. I do not want the whole print to be at this lower temperature though as it causes a few other small issues. From playing around it seems that the "Printing Temperature Initial Layer" changes the temperature of the first layer of the print but when a raft is used this change in temperature still only applies to the layer being printed onto the build plate. Is there a way of lowering the temperature of only the first layer of the print above the raft?
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