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  1. hey, thanks for reply! Yes that was probably what happened to my PVA as it absorbed some humidity while being stored. And yes, I heard quiet sizzling sounds when filament reached heated core. I'll try and dry out these PVA spools. How exactly you dry your PVA spools, can you elaborate please? do I need to put something under spool for that, or direct contact with glass is okay? Still I'm confused on why Breakaway PLA looks so messy, any ideas?
  2. Hi everyone! I already talked to support about this, sent them my BB print core for cleaning but while I wait, I'd like to get some opinions here. My Ultimaker S5 wasn't doing well with PVA supports out of the box. Prints came off very messy, I have attempted to clean nozzle using cleaning filaments and PLA, but no luck, still lots of issues with printing. This is what my regular PVA supports look like, PLA+PVA. Cleaning didn't help much. I have a normal extrusion of cleaning filament when I do this. The only problem, probably, is cold pull - it's very hard do pull filament out and when it comes out, the end is still little soft (though I gave it enough time to cool down) Anyway, sent my BB core back to manufacturer for cleaning, hopefully it helps but I have my doubts. Swapped right core for AA core to try Breakaway PLA. Again, nozzle cleaned, did a small test print - all good. First big print with it (1 day 8 hours) and I get this: This is a 3rd party ABS with Breakaway PLA. Same mess happens when I use Ultimakers Tough PLA with Breakaway, though in that case it's easier to clean. Prime tower from same print: Looked online for pictures of other peoples prints, supports look much cleaner than what I have even on best prints. Can somebody give any hints to what might be wrong with my printer? Or maybe there's some settings in Cura i need to check? To me it looks like the temperature might be too hot for these delicate support filaments and that's why we see all these strings and artifacts. I also tried small test print with the same print core, loaded with CPE material (high temperature) - printed small hemisphere and it looked clean and consistent. So I assume problem is not with the core, but maybe something else? Thanks,
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