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  1. Same for me. I'm a relative newbie and I was reluctant to dive into a new board when everything once seemed to work fine circa Cura 3.8, I think. The stuttering issue seem to come out of nowhere and I figured there had to be a simple solution if I scoured the web, but there wasn't much out there. The new board was kind of an afterthought, actually, after I pretty much gave up and slowed my printing down to a crawl. Also I had ringing issues, typical for a CR-s5, but again, not much info was available on that. The new CR-s's have a z-brace, and yes, a new board. The operation is incredibly smoo
  2. Thekwijibo, I tried every kind of workaround imaginable and it seems like you have too. Printing was entirely on a CR-10s5, Titan Aero upgrade, different slicers, different tweaks. Simply 3d demonstrated less stuttering, but still stuttered, and happens to be my main slicer now. I'll get right to the fix - all was resolved with a 32-bit board upgrade. I went with TH3D eazy board lite. Very easy install, generally speaking. Runs like a completely different printer.
  3. Wondering if the problem relates to interaction between slicer and newer Marlin firmware. I started seeing it after upgrading with TH3D unified firmware and then using the linear advance/s-curve functions. The problem was really pronounced using recent Cura versions and I'm seeing it, although less, in Slic3r.
  4. Is anyone else suddenly having the issue of stuttering on curves, which produces a vertical ripple on prints? I'm running a Cura on a CR-10S5 over Octoprint. This just started after months of perfectly smooth prints. I recently upgraded to a Titan Aero and use TH3D's unified firmware. I've read tons of different posts but nothing seems to address why this might have suddenly started happening. When I run Slic3r, the print head goes through the curves fine, very smoothly.
  5. Hi, I'm using Cura to slice for a CR-10s5 with a Titan Aero and with linear advance enabled, uploading to Octoprint. Curves are being printed really slowly, with a strange wavy element that isn't in the model. I export high resolution STL's from Solidworks typically. Anybody come across this problem?
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