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  1. I think I found a solution for my problem. This topic was particularly helpful: In the end what worked best for me was: - outer before inner walls: off - minimum wall flow: 33%
  2. Thank you for your help, gr5! "retract on layer change" was turned off already. I tried your suggestion varying the feedrate while printing and it turns out the ripples dissappear when tunring it down to 25%. At 50% they still appear. While this is good news, it also dramatically increases my printing times. With my Speeds set around 25 mm/s, printing time was 40 Minutes for 5g of filament. Turned down to 25% its 2 h 30 minutes. Since I will have to print around 500g of filament to finish my project I am wondering if there is something else I could try.
  3. I am trying to get rid of those waves / ripples on the straight part of the outer wall of my print (see left print in image). I have partly succeded in doing so by disabling compensate wall overlaps, however this resulted in a slightly smaller gap (see right print in image). I need to fit the part on a second print, so the gap needs to be fairly accurate. I have also tried different combinations of: - Line Width - Compensate Outer Wall Overlaps - Compensate Inner Wall Overlaps - Horizontal Expansion but I cant seem to get the right settings to have both a clean outer wall and the right size gap.
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