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  1. oh awesome thanks! yeah i accidentally made a second post because i thought the first one didnt go through, i couldnt find it. when i found it i couldnt figure out how to delete it. thanks!
  2. ive always made models in this wall thickness. whats weird is when i rotate it the ones that were missing come back and other sides go away. its like all the 90 degree sides disappear for some reason. ill try what you said to see if it makes a difference.
  3. hello im new to the forum im having some issues ive made a few designs and dealed with cura for the past 6 months, never had any issues. but today i made another model, but when uploading to cura to slice all comes up normal on solid view, but then once i slice it and check the layer view its missing sides. even when i add or remove supports. im going to add photos. any idea?
  4. Hello! im new to the forum. im having an issue.. ive made many designs in the past and sliced them on cura and never had any issues until today. im not sure if this is a settings or model issue. when i upload the model to cura everything looks good in the solid view, but then when i slice it and review the layer view there are whole sections missing, even when i add supports or remove. im going to add photos. any ideas?
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