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  1. I just realized, that my Response to your answer has not appeared in this Topic. I'm sorry. Especially as you have answered so amazingly quick. I answered to the notification on my phone. Thank you very much for this helpful advice. I have followed all the steps and at the end I started a print. It was exactly were it used to be before the Problems occured. So I'm happy that I can continue my work. From all the possible causes that you mentioned, I guess it was the Position of the rods and the activation of the limit switch that were wrong. It was indeed no Software issue.
  2. Recently I had to clean the nozzle after a failed print. From that day on all my prints start at a Position that is shifted towards the back of the buildplate. As a consequence parts of the print fall over the rear edge of the buildplate. I have updated CURA to 4.1 and uploaded a new firmware to my Ultimaker 2+. This is a screenshot of the machine settings in CURA. I'd appreciate your help as I can't find anything helpful searching the Internet.
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