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  1. Thank you all for their nice suggestions and comments. @gr5, suppose if I use command G0 X1 it will move the head once, later if I again execute this it will not move the head? If I want to scan the head from point 1 to point 2 with stem size 0.5mm, I have to pass a gcode such as "G0 Xk" where k is calculated as Pi where Pi previous location+0.5? Thanks a lot.
  2. Dear @ahoeben, Thank you. Can I use "PUTTY" for the initial testing with "COM3" and Baud rate of "250000" to send the g-code? should I need to send some other initial g-code for the initialization? Thanks
  3. I want a linear 2 D scanning in the X and Y direction and a device is connected to the print head is logging a data. I wanted to use ultimaker as a XY scanner in my application. Is there any simple python code, that I can use to sent g-code directly to the UM2+? I wanted to send only g-code "G0 X1" (move forward or backward X and Y direction. and pause for specific time. I tried putty using "COM3" and baud rate 115200, it give random text, how I can send the g-code via serial port using python?
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