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  1. OK, seems like it needs: Compatibility Mode for Windows 8 DO NOT Run as Admin Double click on an STL, DO NOT attempt to open the program itself Ensure minimal disk activity in Task Manager before starting.
  2. I have found it will only start if my computer is displaying minimal activity in Task Manager, specifically minimal disk activity. That may be specific to my machine.
  3. I fixed one of my own issues at least - it didn't allow me to drag & drop files into 4.0.0 after reinstalling because somehow it had been set to Compatibility mode. Also UAC no longer asks for confirmation every time I open it. Still can't run 4.3.0 though.
  4. I had the same issue installing 4.3.0. Previously I had 4.0.0 and 4.2.1 installed, with 4.0.0 as default. It worked fine, 4.2.1 had issues with support. After installing 4.3.0, not only would that not start (Task Manager shows it sitting dormant in memory), but 4.0.0 won't start either. After scouring my PC clean of everything to do with Cura of any version, I have reinstalled 4.0.0 and now that works - except I can't drag and drop files into it! Cura seems to be the default for the relevant files, 4.0.0 is the only Cura installed, and drag & drop works for all other programs, but Cura just displays the 'No Entry' symbol. Not a successful upgrade so far... Oh, and by the way, every time I open Cura 4.0.0 now, UAC asks me to confirm it.
  5. I've been looking at the Preview window, and I see one interesting thing - there's no gap between the outer & first inner wall, but if there's a second inner wall (I usually have 3 walls) then the profile shows a visible line. This is a different turret, by the way...
  6. On examining Cura's Preview, \I believe the issue arises when Inner Wall layers are visible on the outer surface.
  7. For as long as I've been printing on my Ender 3 Pro, I've used some version of Cura, & I've had a problem with visible gaps between lines, either where the top edge of the wall is visible, or on small details on a surface.I can see the layers of the walls or details against one another, and, occasionally, thin gaps. These aren't just visible, they have depth - albeit tiny gaps with tiny depth, they're visible through coats of paint & I have to fill them with putty. Bear in mind I primarily print wargaming miniatures, like tanks, and my prints, regardless of my own worries, have been complimented by many, so it CAN do the job. Lately I've been thinking I could fix this with line width, making the extruder squeeze more PLA out to fill the gaps. I can vary that in Cura, but I'm not sure if I want to make the lines THICKER than my 0.4mm nozzle, so the lines fill the gaps, or THINNER so it tries to fit more layers into the same space, filling the gaps. More top layers is usually the suggestion, but I'm currently using 8 top layers with 2 skin, 0.1mm layers. Line width may not even work, since Cura clearly determines the number of layers according to the line width, I have tried, for example, a 1mm wall with 0.4mm line width, Cura tries to fit in 3 layers, but where the wall top is visible I still see gaps.... Anyone have an idea/opinion? Unfortunately the gaps are very very small, and my camera's macro function isn't very good, but here's a pic which might help explain...
  8. Thanks, but I have discovered I can have both 4.0 and 4.1 on my PC at the same time - if I click on a file to open it it'll always open in 4.1, but if I need 4.0 I can open that first. That'll do nicely until 4.2 appears.
  9. Thanks, I'll just stick with 4.0 until then.
  10. Is it worth going back to 4.0 or is 4.2 imminent? EDIT - it does indeed work in 4.0...
  11. Sadly reassuring... I had wondered bout the timing of the failures. Thanks anyway.
  12. Can someone please help? I've been using Cura with no hassles, barring of my own making. This is undoubtedly one of them, but I can't figure it out... I'm using a support Blocker AS SUPPORT but when I slice it it shows all grey, as in, it won't print. I've used this technique before, so it's some setting I've changed, but I can't figure out what. What would stop a Support block printing? I have Supports enabled, it has a clear path to the Buildplate (actually I've hit this issue a few times now), selected a variety of support % and patterns, etc. I've attached a screenshot. IN this case, I'm using Tree Support, but I want a little extra support where the tree won't grow. I know I can mix them, I've done it before. But, like you see, the support box is greyed out & does not print. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
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