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  1. Thanks, but I have discovered I can have both 4.0 and 4.1 on my PC at the same time - if I click on a file to open it it'll always open in 4.1, but if I need 4.0 I can open that first. That'll do nicely until 4.2 appears.
  2. Thanks, I'll just stick with 4.0 until then.
  3. Is it worth going back to 4.0 or is 4.2 imminent? EDIT - it does indeed work in 4.0...
  4. Sadly reassuring... I had wondered bout the timing of the failures. Thanks anyway.
  5. Can someone please help? I've been using Cura with no hassles, barring of my own making. This is undoubtedly one of them, but I can't figure it out... I'm using a support Blocker AS SUPPORT but when I slice it it shows all grey, as in, it won't print. I've used this technique before, so it's some setting I've changed, but I can't figure out what. What would stop a Support block printing? I have Supports enabled, it has a clear path to the Buildplate (actually I've hit this issue a few times now), selected a variety of support % and patterns, etc. I've attached a screenshot. IN this case, I'm using Tree Support, but I want a little extra support where the tree won't grow. I know I can mix them, I've done it before. But, like you see, the support box is greyed out & does not print. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
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