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  1. Qatar. The listed reseller does not operate in here, they are based in UAE. I checked the preferred reseller listed here and the S5 costs more than 9000 USD converted from local currency which is ridiculous. They are also not listed in the support partners list. Its the list that is sent by the support email btw.
  2. Sorry to hijack the thread but I have some questions about the S5. I Understand that the S5 hardware is not open-source like the 3, especially when it comes to the bottom panel that houses the electronics. Since there are no support partners in my country (according to this), it seems that I will need to send about 20 Kg back and forth through international shipping to a repair center if I need to fix anything that has to do with the bottom panel which is not ideal. I planning to buy S5 but this is a deal breaker if I can't fix the printer myself. Any forum posts about such pr
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