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  1. Thx, I'll try reading it through.
  2. Thx - do you have to have a link to a review/description ?
  3. OK, it IS an older Lenovo stationary machine I use to do the printing - I'll try see the USB-version. I'll try the link too and report back - thx !
  4. No cure at all - the same chaotic rebooting of the printer 4-6 times on top of each other and NO reaction on the printer when trying to "control" the printer by the "Monitor"-tab - I think the update is useless. No wonder people talks so much about "Raspberry Pi" - when do the Cura poeple wake up and do something about it ?
  5. Oh, just a moment ... I have some questions: 1) What should I backup BEFORE I install the new drivers ? 2) Are these nes drivers ONLY for laptops - I use a stationary machine !
  6. > ShopGeezer Thx for the detailed infos - I will try the link !
  7. > Smithy Yeah, maybe ;-))
  8. I think all these conditions can be taken into account ... and I'll try do that BEFORE I concider any Raspberry Pi solution ... but thx for all the infos !
  9. Don't misundersand me - I'm just trying to find out where your experience is - the Raspberry Pi, Windows priority system or maybe both
  10. I think adding a Raspberry Pi too adds a lot of "failure points", a lot of extra wires and - to me - unknown stuff - I HATE it, when some failure arraise and I know too little of the involved HW/SW ! If Cura has priority I think it will not be a problem - do you have other experiences with prioritaty in Windows ?
  11. > dxp ??? the goal is to print via USB and get rid of this UN-stable SD-card-system > 3in1 Frame Re-seat ... I don't think some loose plugs are the cause - the printing is working OK when initiated via SD-card. I too have the latest TinyMachines SW so I don't think it's a good idea to go "BACK# to some SW from Creality at all !
  12. The printer turnes ON and makes it's startup melody when the COMPUTER is turned ON ... maybe that's OK but ... When Cura 4.2.0 is started it seems to reboot 2 or 3 times ... the startup melody is palyed 2 or 3 times ... it sounds likes on top of the last melody .... what is rhis mess ? I can set up the heating temps in Cura but it has no effect on the printer ... it never heat up ! Something must be wrong with Cura 4.2.0 OR the combination Cura 4.2.0 and SW from TinyMachines - any experience here ?
  13. It seems to me that my printer CR10s PRO is conpletely UN-controlable by Cura 4.2.0 ! It's my first try to print by USB so I don't know if the printer itself should be ON or OFF - do you know ? I have just updated to the latest version of SW from TinyMachines and when the computer (and thentoo the printer) is left idle it ends up with a warning screen that temp did NOT raise in time so check the system - but computer and printer should just stay idle ! It seems like a mess to control the printer and the printing from the computer - I think thats the purpose by the USB link - right ? What is wrong here ?
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