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  1. If you read my last 2-3 postings you'll see I too cleaned the nozzle and MAYBE put it together a little different so it's a little shorter/longer - but that it should have THIS effect is strange I think - TOO I upgrated Cura and now I did it again - updated to 4.4.0 - never do more than ONE change a a time ... but I did and now it works.
  2. I had to print a file with this G-code in it: M502 M500 M501 then do a manual and an automatic levelling - WHY - I don't know - but it worked !
  3. I'm running Windows and it used to be NO problem starting Cure automatically - but.4.0 wont do it !
  4. I had it to function with the earlier version too - but not Cura 4.4.0
  5. Wht would the new Cure 4.4.0 NOT start automaticelly from Fusion360 - nothing happens at all !
  6. I've been away for a while but now I'm back and want to get on with 3D-printing ... but first I have to find out, what is wrong ! Because I did NOT change anything from the RED (fine and OK print !) to the GRAY ratchet (useless print !) I don't think I should change any 'settings' - and later I did delete ALL my profiles and use the WHat I HAVE done right before the problems started is cleaning the extruder - when I put it all together again I maybe changed a little of the position of the TIP of the nozzle compared to the BED. I therefore did a MANUAL levelling of the bed 3-4 times and then did a automatic levelling in the menu BUT do I need too to somehow 'reset' something concerning the "Home-position" in the SW ?
  7. Now I deleted all my profiles and choosed the "Super quality" and I STILL have this problem ... the first 30-35% layers are too thick - see the picture: What is wrong here ????
  8. I can try changing a lot of settings, but I think this sudden shift in print quality after - I don't know maybe - 30% of the layers for BOTH the ratchet AND the turnkey - it's very strange ... and has this anything to do with "Max comb distance" - I see no connection there ? Notice I did NOT change anything in the profile from the RED to the GREY ratchet !
  9. I've had many problem since I updated from Cura 4.2.1 to Cura 4.3.0 ! Now it seems like my first 30% of the layers are way too thick ! In Fusion 360 I have drawn a ratchet, sliced it with 4.2.1 and printed it out (the red one on the pictures) and it's OK and well shaped ! Now I try the same Fusion file and slice it with 4.3.0 and the SAME PROFILE - the gray one on the pictures - it looks like _BEEP_ ! Look at the end of the gray shaft - the first many layers are too thick and it gives this "light bulb like" shape of the end the shaft - it should be round and it was when I printed with 4.2.1 ! (Sorry for the shaft is turned upside down !) I don't think I can find any wrong settings in Cura and on the Cura screen there is nothing like it to see at all. I'm not at all skilled in reading G-code - so please can anyone tell me what's wrong here ? TurnKey.gcode Ratchet.gcode
  10. I think updating to 4.3.0 messed up my profile ... most of the settings was NOT what I did set up in the 4.2.1 version ! I changed it and tried a test print and it looks very much better ! Thx for your advices all of you !
  11. First Layer = 0,2mm else 0,12mm I'm running with a 0,4mm nozzle I think I have to check all these settings - wonder why I didn't see the problem in Cure 4.2.1 - I use the excact same profile here in Cura 4.3.0
  12. Oh, I feared that ... I'm not to analyzing G-code. Could it be that the total thickness of the "material" = the problematic top layer+infill+buttum layer is (only) 2,2 mm and I have defined both top and buttom layer to be 2 mm each and made up of 4 layers each in my settings ? I think I have to do some test prints of some smaller object and measure them carefully - something is wrong here !
  13. I can see that in my Cura slicer too but I see something else on the printed object
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