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  1. I think updating to 4.3.0 messed up my profile ... most of the settings was NOT what I did set up in the 4.2.1 version ! I changed it and tried a test print and it looks very much better ! Thx for your advices all of you !
  2. First Layer = 0,2mm else 0,12mm I'm running with a 0,4mm nozzle I think I have to check all these settings - wonder why I didn't see the problem in Cure 4.2.1 - I use the excact same profile here in Cura 4.3.0
  3. Oh, I feared that ... I'm not to analyzing G-code. Could it be that the total thickness of the "material" = the problematic top layer+infill+buttum layer is (only) 2,2 mm and I have defined both top and buttom layer to be 2 mm each and made up of 4 layers each in my settings ? I think I have to do some test prints of some smaller object and measure them carefully - something is wrong here !
  4. I can see that in my Cura slicer too but I see something else on the printed object
  5. No, I looked at the printing and it's ONLY printing 1 layer on the surface ... right on top of the infill - too I can brake the layer lines and I come directly into the "infill room" ... Something else must be wrong here.
  6. ???? I didn't export ... I just changed the file type of my Gcode and saved it ... OK, now I know what you mean ... here it is ! In Cura I can count the layers in the surface and it IS 4 but the printer seems to make only 1 in the picture ... and I tried it 3 times ! CuraTest.3mf
  7. I don't use #mf files but Gcode-files and the one with the problem is in fact a Gcode-file ... but here you have the 3mf file of that same object. Test.3mf
  8. I just updated to Cura 4.3.0 and I think I got a problem using my generel printer profile ! My Top Layer is way too thin eventhough I have set Top Layers =4 and Top Thickness = 2mm - the button is set to the same and IS looking OK The problematic layer is NOT the topmost layer but a big face around in the middle of all the layers - I can see the infill through the layer, so I think there is ONLY ONE LAYER despite my settings - see the attach picture ! What can I do to cure the problem ?
  9. Thx, I'll try reading it through.
  10. Thx - do you have to have a link to a review/description ?
  11. OK, it IS an older Lenovo stationary machine I use to do the printing - I'll try see the USB-version. I'll try the link too and report back - thx !
  12. No cure at all - the same chaotic rebooting of the printer 4-6 times on top of each other and NO reaction on the printer when trying to "control" the printer by the "Monitor"-tab - I think the update is useless. No wonder people talks so much about "Raspberry Pi" - when do the Cura poeple wake up and do something about it ?
  13. Oh, just a moment ... I have some questions: 1) What should I backup BEFORE I install the new drivers ? 2) Are these nes drivers ONLY for laptops - I use a stationary machine !
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