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  1. Just rereading all the helpful things you suggested gr5 and I'm just blown away by how comprehensive and useful they are. Thanks again.
  2. This is incredibly helpful, thank you friends. Geert, I was using a low infill but it's weird that it only started lacing at the top of the model, can't think of any way to stop it. gr5, I appreciate the in depth break down. To start: I have to assume my colleges used the default profile for everything but brim width and prime blob: .15m layer height, 200 print temp, 80m/s. Unfortunately, I share responsibility to with others and we don't document if we made any changes to the settings. I am taking your list and adding it to a training document for the others. As far as my solution process goes, I'm a bit stuck. A lot of the errors would be hard to replicate easily, like the heat transfer back up through the core, but I suspect this might be the primary issue because we've been having some problems with filament expanding in the bowden tube and getting stuck.
  3. Hi all, I work with an Ultimaker 3s and slice with Cura 4.0. Recently I have been having an issue with one of my printers, it only happens some times and I can't predict when it will occur. Attach is a photo of the issue. The supports are PVA and they are working (mostly) fine. The layers that extruded correctly look really good, compared to some layer shift I had seen on other versions of this print. And THEN, heartbreak. I don't even know how to describe this properly to Google it. The twist is that I work in a library and don't oversee all the printing. I start the jobs, come back the next day and the job is paused and the error has happened. Suggestions on what the problem is, why it is and how to fix it are all appreciated.
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