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  1. I actually just noticed the support was in the hole I changed the support to only off build plate hopefully it will work. If yall have any tips about my settings I surely do welcome it.
  2. Hello all, So I am printing with Nylon and using Simplify 3d. I've printed 100s od models like this to get it to its current condition and the only thing left that I'm having trouble with is this insane stringing around the hole of the print. I'm printing it how it looks in the photo. I have attached my print settings in photos as well. As you can see in the last photo there is a support in my hole. Please note that I can not print this object standing 90 degrees up because the small part of this piece keeps breaking off, it will not print strong enough, the top small piece with the smaller hole in it. All help is very much appreciated.
  3. I really need help with this, ive been up fordays trying to print this part and can only get as close as the top part with the hole and everytime it finishes that piece breaks off. That piece will not print solid, i have set infill to 100%. Update:Problem solved thanks guys.
  4. Hi so here is a photo of the print on the 2nd layer. I adjusted the z yo sit flat but it still wont print the full first layer on the first layer pass.
  5. Im sorry what is a 3mf File again? Wow I just checked the model and it was sitting at.01 on the z axis, let me see if that helps. Thanks.
  6. Hey guys So my issue is that the first layer does not print a full first layer it does everything but the 3 mm around the object. On the second layer it will come back and fill in those 3mm around the object but it makes the surface look really bad. Is there anyway to make cura print the full first layer on the first layer run?
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