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  1. Indeed, you're right, seems to be fixed in 4.1 - I was using 4.0. Thanks !
  2. When using the "enable support brim" option - very useful with small supports - a problem occurs : the skirt is no longer the first to be printed. Instead, one of the support is printed first, wich frequently leads to a failure of the print : if the support is not big enough, as there is a small delay for the material to begin to be extruded, it won't be printed entirely on the first pass. It therefore will not stick well, and usually at the third or fourth pass it will be push away by the noozle - and then the problems begin. In short, using brim support defeats the usefulness of the skirt. How could this be solved ? Is there a way to force the printing order in the gcode ? AI3M_testcube support simple.gcode AI3M_testcube support brim.gcode
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