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  1. I tried many cheap printers, also I have large 3D printer that we designed but these don't have this issue. We bought Ultimakers because they are advertised for product development and on data sheet they state that dimensional accuracy is 12.5 microns but we did some measurements using microscopes and other optical measuring equipment and Ultimaker 2+ is even better than advertised but Ultimaker 3 at default settings has up to 0.5mm deviation.. I've tried support they responded first time, but haven't heard from them in month. So what are my options here? I just want to know if Ultimaker is aware of this issue, and will this printer every be able to correctly at 0.2 and 0.15mm layer hight?
  2. Thank You all for comments, I have tested this issue on UMS5 also same problem. As it is for now you cannot use Ultimaker 3 for anything higher than 0.1mm layer hight. Why did they set default speed at 75 if we can only use 25? This just makes no sense. Has anyone tried contacting Ultimaker directly about this, I have sent email on .info adress but I didn't get any response.
  3. We are having this issue with UM3. This started when we updated printer to 5.2.11 firmware. This has been confirmed by 5 users of UM3 uptill now if you have UM3 please make a test, and let me know. Edges on corners are roundes as you can see on image bellow. Also, I have done some measuring all sides are +0.2 and corners are extra +0.3 so this cube measured on sides is 0.5mm bigger than it should be. I've added new printcore, done factory reset and tghten short belts still the same. This is made with Cura 4.1 with ultimaker green pla and default settings. I have tried older version of cura 3.6 and same thing.
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