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  1. Yep....me too and with 4.21 also show this behavior. But, I found a "cure", and if i copy all dlls from a fresh copy of CURA and overwrite the files in the install directory the program is able to start again without reinstalling anything and with all features working normally. But then, I close the program and it won't star again. That keep me thinking if there is an issue with windows 10.....blocking some of the dll's.... best regards...
  2. Same predicament here...Iserpa did you installed any plugin to connect with your printer ? I'm starting to think this is related to Cura trying to reach for printers at the very beginning and not being able to do so.
  3. Thank you gr5 for your prompt response.And yes, I do kill the process before attempting a new launch.
  4. I installed 4.1 (Win10 x64) with Octoprint some week ago an it ran smoothly the whole week. Nevertheless, today it wont start and with that I mean that the GUI won't start but "cura.exe" is running on the background as it can be seen in the windows task manager. Today I proceed to erase the directory where all my configs are installed, that is: \AppData\Roaming\cura\4.1 and nothing happened. Cura re-created the directory but it did not start either! (it is still running on the background but the GUI does NOT appear) So I conclude is the prog
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