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  1. When I slice the model, the bottom layer gets cut off, and the holes become filled... header.stl
  2. I'm having an issue with the filament sliding along with the nozzle while printing a specific stl file (attached). This doesn't happen with any other 3D model I've printed. I suspect there is something wrong with the slicing process. vcliff.stl
  3. I tried every line width. No luck. What's the best choice of software for thickening the edge walls? My current 3D modeling programs make it difficult to do so.
  4. Ok, I attached two versions, just in case one turns out better. One has slightly thicker walls, but I'm trying to make them as thin as possible. AI3M_header1.3mf AI3M_header2.3mf
  5. Hello, I am trying to print a plastic connector, however, after slicing with Cura, the edges (vertical "walls") of the connector are cut off, exposing the inside, even though the model (.stl) seems right. How can I prevent Cura from cutting off the edges? Before: After: Thanks!
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