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  1. I feel stupid - I never looked into the hidden commands for the different line width for different walls... thanks... p.s. I usually have connect infill lines enabled, regardless of infill pattern, because it reduces retractions a lot.
  2. Holy crap that is game changing right there. Are they any options in the menus to control the behavior? At fist glance it doesn't look any different than regular Cura. Options to specify different line widths for specific line types would still be useful- i.e. print infil and supports thinner than top and bottom surfaces, or walls, etc.. I sliced my fan duct design which has a lot of thin tapering features and the slice is so much cleaner. I'll have to mess around with it some more and try printing a couple of parts. I've attached some screenshots with the specific areas of interest circled. Here is the thing if anyone wants to check it out for themselves. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3594484
  3. Which one do I download? I picked the exe which appeared to have the most current date.
  4. I sent this email to Cura support but I'm also posting it here, hoping this generates some interest and gains consideration for adopting this feature.
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