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  1. My Cura 4.1 seems to slice my File correctly, producing a .gcode File. I place the .gcode onto my SD Card from my PC. Now the problem starts. upon choosing the Fie to Slice by Cura 4.1 I note no Heating of the Bed. immediate the Ender 3 goes to Heating the Extruder to 205 degrees F. Once heated the Extruder does nothng in the 'z' direction. 1. I have installed to a Direct Drive Extruder and verified the print worked on an old File. Help, Please
  2. I have an Ender 3 and I am new at this. M problems seem to have stated after I Modified my Ender 3 with the Extruder Direct Drive Modification. Here is my list: 1. The Cura 4.1 Sliced output has an extension of .gz. (I think I have solved this by trying one of your experts Solutions), This also happened on the Cura 4.0. 2. When I go to my Ender 3 to print my Object the Extruder heats to 200 degrees F, but the Plate remains cold. When the Printer begins the Extruder 'Z' direction does not move. By the way, just to check my installation of the Direct Drive modification I successfully printed a .gcode file produced before I started any of this. Also, all these problems seem to happen whether I use Cura 4.0 or Cura 4.1. If this an be solved, I would like to use Cura 4.1 regardless of its issues. I know they will be fixed. This is a wonderful Community of Experts and I DO appreciate the help. John Carson
  3. One further input. On my Ender 3, How can I control the Heat Level of Both the Bed and Extruder. Something I have modified is messing the Heat. John
  4. I do think the Problems are my lack of understanding the new Cura 4.1. The File is now saved as a Gcode File and recognized by the Ender 3. But, 1. The Bed is not heating and the Z direction is ignored of the Extruder does not work. I know this is something I am NOT doing with Cura 4.1 because I just tried a CURA 4.0 File that works Fine.
  5. Well, I am still confused. The steps I take are these. 1, open Cura 4.1 2. Open my Open my .stl File. I have made sure I have only 1 object on the Cura display. I have renamed this .stl object. Is this a problem? 3. I preform the slice. I produce an output, but the Filename still has the .gz extension. 4. I have created a ‘Gcode’.group on my laptop as well as the micro-sad file that receives the Cura Output. I seem to be missing a step or a Needed Cura modification. I certainly appreciate your time helping me with this problem. ‘By the way, my next endeavor is to Make my Ender-3 recognizable by my WIFI. Oh, boy.
  6. The output of Cura 4.1 has a File Extension of .gz, unrecognizable by my Ender 3. When I rename te File removing the .gz, the Printer says "Awaiting User". What do I do? I have tried to choose an example ".gcode.gz", but, the effort is rejected.
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