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  1. I think I have found a way that works even though it is not the best way however I was not able to test it because I am doing a very large print. They way I am doing it is using a text editor to edit a already made Gcode file and deleting everything and pasting the new gcode text into it. After I save it its still a gcode file and when I open it it has the new text.
  2. Hello I have found a website that turns midi files into gcode so I can play music on my Ultimaker 2+. When I generate the Gcode it does not give me a Gcode file but it gives me the raw gcode text to copy. How can I take that text and make it a gcode file to play on my Ultimaker?
  3. Hello, I may be wrong but I think the speed is only for the octolapse and it does not effect the actual print speed because i just upload the gcode from cura. Also when printing everything seemed normal and the right speed. I am going to change it just in case but so far I have had no problems. Also I had it like that because it was the default for some reason. Everything I adjusted changed the octolapse added gcode and not the print like the retraction. Anyways thank you so much for the advice.
  4. Hi after a while of researching and testing values I was able to get very successful prints and octolapses with this configuration. I am using a Ultimaker 2+. Please let me know if there is anything wrong about my configuration.
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