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  1. @robinmdh I heard about the firmware but I am not quite sure if I should install it because ia am maybe a bit scared installing a third party firmware on the printer. But I guess if you from Ultimaker is recommending it it would be fine.
  2. @ahoeben @robinmdh Well Yes ... sorry I am using a Ultimaker 2+
  3. Hi recently I tried to update the firmware on my UM2+ by connecting my Laptop. I got into the menu and just pressed update and it all went fine and it said complete. But when I looked on the printer at the version it still said 3.3 and updated on "older date". Maybe the 3.3 is the newest firmware for the printer but I have troubles to find out what actually the newest firmware is. It isn't documented on the homepage or cure under printer. Do i have i problem updating or is everything ok and it is just not properly conveyed by the updater.
  4. Hi, I feel like a restart button would be nice at the printer for a print. Since I don't always get a perfect first layer. Problem: When the first layer isn't perfect and I need to restart the print I need to aboard and search on the SD card for the file and meanwhile the printer is doing its best to cool down. Solution: How it could/should work: Press Restart->Printer Stops and Homes + keeps preheated-> You remove the Material-> Press OK or Ready and it restarts I don't know If I am the only one needing this feature or if there is already a solution I didn't see.
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