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  1. My business has had the print head get completely encased in plastic ruining the head and several of the print cores. I've caught the printer before during the "print blob" just sit there and dump plastic in the same spot without moving and I was able to kill the power before it completely encased the head again. It seems like a bug but I doubt Ultimaker will ever admit it. Anyway, I have to babysit this machine until it successfully makes it through the print blob phase at the beginning of EVERY print. Cool. My actual question is about spare parts for the print cores...when I've dug out the
  2. Whenever I use dual extrude on on ultimaker 3 extended cura makes this weird little phantom column/tube off to the side. The print actually creates this thing too, but I cannot delete it out. Is this some type of cleansing/purging/self alignment/whatever that the program has to have or is there some way to get rid of it?
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