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  1. What I did was test out the full limits of the printing capacity. And figured out how much actual print area was available for use. The issue I believe is the print head. It needs sufficient space for the nozzle switch. I eventually had to resize the print in order to make it fit inside. I am using cura 4.1. But I essentially I think the issue is that the printer has a set limiter.
  2. We very recently received this ultimaker S5, and I have encountered an issue that I can not resolve. We are trying to print an object with physical dimensions of (XYZ): 229 x 230 x 295 mm. I have checked and all these values correspond with the volume of the device, which are (XYZ): 330 x 240 x 300 mm. My issue lies with the Y-Axis scale. I can not seem to go over 218 mm to print. Everything else is fine with no problems. If anyone can help me. I would very much appreciate it.
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