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  1. Hi guys! I'd like to share my new work! I printed a batch of parts with white PLA and assembled them into several scale models of houses. I will use these models in visual planning of residential development. For this job, I used a Ultimaker 2+ 3D printer.
  2. Hi guys! Happy to share my new work! I have modeled and printed a plaster figure prototype, from which I will be able to take off the uniform and cast copies for my big architecture project! In order to do this, I had scanned the original plaster figure using the 3D scanner. Then I corrected the model, removed all the chips and flaws of the original and printed it out using white PLA SnowFlake plastic on a Ultimaker 3D printer. Layer thickness 0.1 mm. The photo on the left is the original, and on the right you can see the printed model. What do you think abo
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