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  1. As mentioned in my first post, this helped for the last several months but know it doesn't work anymore. Also setting the compatibility mode to Windows 7, run as an admin or whatever does not help.
  2. Unfortunately, I could not find a solution so far...
  3. Sorry for asking again, does nobody have another idea what I could try to make Cura work again?
  4. I get two log-files under AppData\Roaming\cura: stderr.log and stdout.log, but they both stay empty (size 0 bytes). I am using driver version which is from February 2019 and so has not been updated within the last weeks, while Cura still worked several weeks ago. Also uninstalling Cura several times (with deleting all settings etc.) did not help.
  5. Hello everyone, since some days I have problems using Cura (3.6 / 4.0 / 4.1) on my Lenovo X280 as the program does not start anymore (without having changed anything). Also when it used to run earlier, I had to use the compatibility mode to start Cura in Windows 8-mode, but now this (or Windows 7-mode, or running as an admin) does not help anymore. I just can see cura.exe in the task manager, using about 75MB of RAM and maybe 0-1% of the CPU but nothing else happens. I already read that sometimes there are problems with Cura and Intel graphic cards. Nevertheless, the notebook is almost new, the newest drivers are installed and the graphic card supports OpenGL 4.6. It is an Intel UHD 620 Graphics with an Intel Core i5-8350U CPU running on Windows 10 64 bit. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a solution using google oder reading other threads about Cura not working on Windows 10/Intel graphics (as my notebook only has this one Intel graphic card) so I am starting this new thread. Actually I think, there should be a solution to run Cura on a recent and well-equiped notebook?! Thanks in advance and best regards, Tobi
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