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  1. in Cura 4.1.0 I only have travels in dark blue and the light blue are support structures. How do I check for the different types of travel, and eliminate the non-retracting travels?
  2. Thank you for the reply, I just got home and I'm about to try this for the stringing, thank you! Also, the biggest issue for me is the parts that are falling off when knocked over by the extruder, do you or anyone else have any experience with this? Any hints or tips would be appreciated with that as well. At least to get going in the right direction.
  3. I know not everyone wants to read the full story, so I'm breaking it down into two sections. Short Version: My Miniatures using Tree structures are are too weak at the connecting point and parts get knocked over by the extruder before they connect to the main part of the model. I do not want to add z hop to the printer as it effectively doubles the printing time. Also, in this process, the parts are too stringy. I'm assuming I have to raise my temp, but I don't know for sure. Any help on either of these are appreciated. Setup: Software: Cura 4.1 attached to an OctoPrint Server on OctoPi 3D Printer: Iverntech D1 Kossel Delta with Heated and Self-Leveling bed. (Similar to Anycubic Kossel Delta with added features) Filament: Inland Brand PLA+ 1.75mm (Print Temp 205C-225C) Nozzle: 0.4mm (Will be switching to 0.25mm in the semi-near future) Long Version: I'm trying to print a few miniatures for a DND campaign that my cousin runs, and I can't seem to get the settings right in Cura. I've been playing around with the settings for the last 4 weeks now and I'm actually starting to get frustrated. Before the PLA+ I was running normal PLA and it printed "Okay" at best. After playing around with the settings, I got the PLA+ quality to match closely to that of the normal PLA. However, now parts of the model on a tree structure (which I know is experimental) get knocked over by the extruder before connecting to the main model. I think the points are weak for easy cleanup, but its still knocking everything over. The theory that the support is too thin at connection is supported by another print where the model was increased to 125% scaling in cura and the structures were sound. Also, When I'm printing the model gets blobs and stringy bits between "Floating" sections on that layer. what can I do to reduce both of these issues? Images and exported profile attached. Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated!! Model_Profile.curaprofile
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