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  1. Thanks for taking the time to help me with this, I have managed to get it to roll back to Cura 4.0 and it’s now printing fine,
  2. I was really hoping that it’s wasn't hardware and couldn’t see why it would be. Is it still possible to get Cura 4.0 somewhere
  3. I have used Cura since I got my first printer 5 months ago and had no issues, I was using it with my windows laptop to slice. As I say I have never had an issue but the other day I moved my printer in to my little office area and next to my Mac, downloaded Cure (4.1.0) for the Mac, didn't change any settings apart from the initial layer heigh (which I had set to the same as my laptop) sliced an item, put the card in to my ender 3 and it started to print, it got around 3/4 of printing the brim and suddenly stopped. whilst looking to see what the problem was think something had jammed it suddenly started again, I noticed it had left a melted blob of filament where it had stopped, anyway a few mins later it stopped and did the same again, I stopped the print altogether and started again, exactly the same things happened at the same time, I then took the same design, sliced on my windows laptop and it printed fine with no issues. Now its not too much of a hassle using my laptop but would be easier to use my Mac because I simply have to swivel in my chair to set the printer up. I am new to all this 3d printing stuff but I am ruling it out as being me that is causing this issue as I have not changed any other settings other than the initial layer height or messed with the g code in anyway.
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