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  1. @Framar I didn't mean to ask if any the parts in the screenshot that you sent are a purge tower but if there is a purge tower at all in that example.
  2. @Framar Thank you! Is a purge tower used in that example?
  3. I'm considering buying an Ultimaker dual extrusion printer. I have a question about the dual extrusion functionality with dissolvable support material. If one were to print something with dissolvable support material and then print the same thing with only one material (meaning the support material is non-dissolvable), approximately what percent increase in print time should I expect for the print with dissolvable support material? I would like to know what's the smallest possible increase in print time assuming one configures a support interface to optimize the usage of dissolvable support ma
  4. Thanks! Here's the info for any future readers of this thread (this is from the document that @CTotten linked to).
  5. @CTotten Thanks for the info. Let me know if you end up finding the fact sheet. I'd like to look into the numbers.
  6. I'm interested in buying an S5 pro bundle for printing with ABS indoors without too much room ventilation. I'm concerned about volatile organic compounds (VOC), in addition to ultra fine particles (UFP). I have read that the S5 pro bundle includes a filter that removes up to 95% of UFPs. However, based on my understanding, VOCs are also emitted when printing with ABS. Is the filter system for the S5 pro bundle able to remove VOCs from air?
  7. I would also like to be able to increase pre-printing extrusion, but it doesn't seem like such a setting exists in Cura.
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