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  1. Hi Bandy, thanks for the information. Could you kindly share the procedure for this 'firmware recovery flash'? I updated the firmware via USB this morning, but it still end up freezing halfway through an 80 minutes print (the printer was already installed with the latest firmware). Elsewhere I only found the procedure for recovering a bricked UM3, but I probably want to find out more before opening up the machine. I do not think it is bad power supply though. I had swapped the power outlet and adapter of this printer with that of another one that is worki
  2. Hi, I will like to ask is there any updates in the aforementioned issues? One of the UM3 in our workshop has been experiencing the exactly same issues described above for the past ~1.5 yrs. We had sent it to the reseller for servicing twice but still the issues persist. Initially it really didn't bother us that much as the freezing was rather infrequent. Then it got so bad until the machine just freezes at the "Ultimaker" screen. That's when we sent it for servicing the first time. The reseller flashed the drive and it got back to working condition for a while before
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