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  1. Disabling "Remove Empty First Layers" allowed to slice in mid-air.
  2. Hello, I am looking for solution to share Cura settings/config between all Users in Ubuntu machine or run from USB drive with settings stored in drive. I am using Ubuntu 16.04 and Cura 4.1. By default appimage saves configs in /home/User/.config/cura/. So far I found that appimage technology suppose to allow portable home directory by creating folder name as appimage file plus .home ( more details: https://docs.appimage.org/user-guide/portable-mode.html ), but that does not work with Cura appimage. Other approach was to use bash script which changes home directory to custom one which is common among all users, but then I hit another problem. File .config/cura/4.1/cura.cfg is saved by Cura with permissions 600 which means that I have to change permissions using sudo. So I would like ask if someone else tried to do same thing and if there is solution for that.
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