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  1. Hi I have updated to CURA version 4.8.0. Each time I open it I get a dialog box 'Configuration errors', 'your configuration seems to be corrupt. Something seems to be wrong etc.' 'Would you like to reset to factory defaults?' I tried the factory rest but that did not work. The printer is working fine and I can still print remotely. the dialog box only refers to printer Drawing-office-2. I have 4 printers working. all have the latest firmware. Any ideas? regards John
  2. Thanks for the information. Ae will stick witht he print cores we have at present and keep them cleam. A couple of spare print cores in the drawer just in case.
  3. Hi. I have been informed by my material supplier that Ultimaker are recommending that we get a seperate AA0.4 print core for each material that we use. We have a Ultimaker S5 and currently use PLA, TPLA, NYLON AND TPU along with fibre reinforced nylon (CC0.6 for this). It seems a bit strange to need a seperate print core for each material. On a seperate note does anyone know how to tell when the core needs to be renewed due to wear? Regards John
  4. I have had a couple of issues loading and unloading UM TPU 95A. When loading the filament I have to have at least 80mm showing in the bowden tube. This is more than twice that required for PLA. If I do not have at least 80mm no material will extrude through the print core before it times out. When unloading UM TPU 95A, after the printer has cooled down, the filament does not retract from the print core and the drive wheel cuts a groove in the filament. Thus far I have had to heat the print core to 180 degree in order to remove the filament. Is this normal or is there a problem
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